The machine models in the above table can package all types of dairy products such as:

Creamy cheese, processed cheese, cream& tasted cream, desserts, yogurt & fruity yogurt, butter, etc.

We are able to design and manufacture form-fill-seal machine in any other order with any efficiency and any mold according to your demands.

Output ( p/h)  100 gr 50 gr 25 gr
4500 MAT/D/100/6 MAT/D/50/6 MAT/D/25/6
6000 MAT/D/100/8 MAT/D/50/8 MAT/D/25/8
9000 MAT/D/100/12 MAT/D/50/12 MAT/D/25/12
12000 MAT/D/100/16 MAT/D/50/16 MAT/D/25/16
15000 MAT/D/100/20 MAT/D/50/16MAT/D/25/20
18000 MAT/D/100/24 MAT/D/50/24 MAT/D/25/24